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The Correlation Between Vitamin D and Testosterone

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For men, there is a lot of benefit to increasing your testosterone level, especially if you suffer from chronically low testosterone. Low testosterone can cause weight gain, mood swings, and can hamper a man’s ability to build muscle and build up their body mass. So, finding a good testosterone booster is important for people who need a reliable way of increasing their testosterone. There are of course a multitude of testosterone boosters out there, but one lesser known way is through increased consumption of vitamin D. Now, almost no one would associate vitamin D with increased testosterone production, but, believe it or not, initial studies have shown that increasing your intake of vitamin D is an easy way of increasing your body’s testosterone production.


What is vitamin D?

Vitamin D is a vitamin that we typically associate with a range of bodily functions. It is one of the 24 vitamins that humans need to survive. Vitamin D is responsible for maintaining a healthy skeletal structure and allowing the body to absorb important nutrients (including calcium and magnesium). A lack of vitamin D is responsible for several debilitating conditions, including diabetes, rickets, and osteomalacia (a disease caused by vitamin D deficiency, can result in the softening of bones and the skeletal structure).

Vitamin D is normally acquired through foods like fish (specifically fatty ones like salmon and sardines) and through foods that have been fortified with vitamin D (like milk, which is often fortified with vitamin D). Of course, most people probably get Vitamin D through sunlight, which is one of our main sources of the vitamin. When your body gets vitamin D from sunlight, it is stored in the liver where it will be absorbed into the body.

Unfortunately, many people suffer from vitamin D deficiency. One study in the Scientific American estimated that close to 75% of American teens and adults are vitamin D deficient. So, despite being relatively easy to get, many Americans are not able to get enough vitamin D for a variety of reasons (although the biggest cause is likely increased time indoors).

Vitamin D and testosterone

Now that we have a good idea of what Vitamin D is and why it is important, let’s explore its links with testosterone production. Now, the idea that Vitamin D could increase testosterone production sounds like something spouted on pseudo-scientific blogs, but it does appear to be true. Several studies have shown that there are strong links between vitamin D and testosterone.

Let’s look at our first study by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology, a scientific journal associated with Oxford University. This study built off earlier studies done on rodents which showed links between vitamin D and testosterone production, but instead of looking at rodents, the study looked at adult men. A group of over 2000 healthy men had their vitamin D, testosterone, and SHBG levels regularly monitored. The results showed that men who had sufficient levels of Vitamin D had higher levels of testosterone and lower levels of SHBG than men who were vitamin D deficient. For those curious, SHBG stands for sex hormone-binding globulin. This is a chemical produced by the body that is responsible for binding the two sex hormones (androgen and estrogen). SHGB levels are lowered by things like testosterone supplements and raised by things like estrogen supplements. So, the fact that SHGB levels are lower in men with sufficient vitamin D suggests that it has an effect similar to other testosterone supplements. Now, this is just one study and we cannot draw too many conclusions from it. But, there are many other studies that confirm what this one says.

Another study was done by the Hormone and Metabolic Research Journal also showed that Vitamin D can do wonders for testosterone production. This study focused on a group of 200 non-diabetic, overweight men. The men were undergoing a weight loss program but were otherwise healthy and normal. The men were separated into two groups. One group was given vitamin D supplements for a period of one year. The other group was given placebos for the same period of time. Before giving them the vitamin D supplements or placebos, the vitamin D levels of the two groups was measured. The results showed that most of the men were vitamin D deficient and that their testosterone levels were on the lower end of what is considered healthy. After being given the vitamin D supplements for a year, the group that got real vitamin D supplements and not placebos experienced a noticeable increase in testosterone levels. Previously, they had an average of 10.7 nanomoles per liter of testosterone; after a year of vitamin D supplements, that total went up to 13.7 nanomoles per liter. Meanwhile, the group that was taking placebos experienced no increase in testosterone levels. Again, this study is not conclusive, but it adds to the body of evidence that suggests that Vitamin D helps increase testosterone production.

Finally, if you want even more studies, the Community AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE for short) a Canadian scientific organization dedicated to medical research, released an article looking at several more scientific studies that show a positive correlation between vitamin D levels and testosterone. If you do not like reading through complex scientific studies full of terms you have never heard before, then the article released by CATIE is helpful as condenses several scientific studies into an easy to read article.

So, as you can see there is a lot of evidence to suggest that vitamin D can act as a testosterone booster. More studies will need to be done to understand why and to further confirm what other studies have said, but early results are so far pretty positive. If you want to use vitamin D to boost your testosterone levels, you can either try incorporating more vitamin D into your diet by eating more fatty fish or other vitamin D enriched foods or you can try taking vitamin D supplements, which should be easily found at any grocery or health food store.


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