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Prime Male Review

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prime male

Prime Male is an all-natural supplement that is designed for the purpose of boosting testosterone levels in the body. If you want to lose weight, increase your energy levels and find a definitive solution for belly fat, this supplement is certainly worth looking into. A lot of guys who try to get fit turn to this supplement because of just how well it really works. This supplement is 100% natural and actually has the potential to lower blood pressure and strengthen bones. There are a lot of different nutritional/fitness supplements out there, but this one is truly a gem for a number of reasons.

How it Works

Prime Male supplements testosterone production in the body, which in turn can do things like increase one’s energy levels and burn calories for weight loss. This particular hormone is responsible for the development of the prostate and the testis. It also helps to shape secondary sexual physical characteristics in men, and it is closely associated with increased growth of body hair and muscle growth. Testosterone is crucial in preventing osteoporosis.

Over time testosterone levels tend to drop in males, which can make it difficult to stay in shape and maintain a healthy sex life. Peak production of testosterone occurs around puberty, though hormonal levels typically begin to decline at the age of thirty at the rate of about one percent per year.

The body starts to change as the result of declining testosterone levels. Muscle mass begins to be replaced with fat. Men also tend to start losing their sexual energy and libido as testosterone levels lessen. Generally speaking, men begin to see declines in overall performance in various areas of life. This is precisely why Prime Male is so important, especially for older men who want to retain their vitality over the years.

What’s in Prime Male—Ingredients

There are a number of different ingredients in Prime Male, all of which are 100% natural.

Some of these ingredients include:

Nettle Root: This plant’s root has some very powerful compounds that can actually increase testosterone production, which is essential in remaining sexually vital and active. If you want to boost your testosterone levels as much as possible in a natural way, this ingredient is very important to say the least

Mucuna Pruriens: Another ingredient that is crucial for men who want to effectively combat erectile dysfunction and similar issues. It is a plant can be found in tropical regions all across the planet, and it can have a huge impact on hormone production in males. Older men who naturally have less testosterone will find that this ingredient can be very helpful in a number of ways. There is a lot of scientific data to prove that it can actually work wonders for restoring low testosterone levels in men.

Korean Red Ginseng: There was a study involving 50 Korean men who were given this ingredient for a period of two months. Each of the men involved in the study suffered from erectile dysfunction or some similar problem. By the end of the study, 95% of the men reported feeling more sexually vital with increased energy levels in the bedroom.

Vitamin B6: This B vitamin is also crucial when it comes to helping men remain sexually active even into old age. It is packed with all sorts of minerals that are essential to healthy sexual function.

Oyster Extract: Oysters have long been known to be a powerful aphrodisiac, so it is no surprise that this supplement prominently features it.

Zinc: If you have depleted levels of zinc in your system, it is very likely that you will have issues with producing an adequate amount of testosterone. By consuming this mineral, you will greatly increase your chances of improving your sex life overall.

Boron: Boron has been thoroughly studied by scientists and researchers over the years, and much of the results is highly encouraging for men who struggle with low libido and ED. One study involving 100 men with low sex drive discovered that ingesting only 15 mg of boron each day had a massively positive impact on their sexual desire.

Luteolin: This is a very powerful compound that is able to reduce the amount of estrogen in the body while promoting higher testosterone levels.

Is it Safe?

Prime Male is a perfectly safe supplement to take, provided you follow the instructions on the label exactly. The fact that all of the ingredients in this supplement are completely natural is what makes it totally safe for almost anyone to take. You will of course want to speak with your physician before starting on Prime Male, but it doesn’t contain any overly dangerous ingredients.

Primal Male Dosage

If you purchase Prime Male, you will need to take 1 capsule 4 times each day, but never on an empty stomach. You should begin to notice results within a few days to a couple of weeks after starting this supplement.

Scientific Studies

Although there are no direct scientific studies into the Prime Male supplement, there is clinical proof that the ingredients it contains work like a charm when it comes to increasing testosterone levels in the body.

There is definitely scientific data to suggest that fenugreek can be extremely effective when it comes to boosting testosterone levels in the body. Many of these studies have actually concluded that this natural ingredient can do wonders for increasing a man’s libido and therefore the overall quality of their sexual experiences.

You will find that there are also lots of scientific studies of the other ingredients in this supplement, including D-Aspartic Acid as well as zinc, vitamin D, vitamin B6 and mucuna pruriens. An overwhelming majority of these studies have determined that these ingredients can in fact be helpful when it comes to increasing testosterone levels in the bloodstream naturally. It is the unique and powerful combination of these ingredients that make this supplement so powerful and effective as a whole.

Prime Male Results

Those who take Prime Male can expect a number of very positive results, including significantly increased energy levels for overcoming fatigue. If you seem to feel tired all of the time, it is very possible that you have low testosterone levels that you need to increase as soon as possible.

Another common result of taking this supplement is a significant and very noticeable increase in libido/sex drive. It is common for men with low testosterone levels to experience a decreased desire to have sex, but this supplement can help to change all of that. Many people who take Prime Male also experience a marked increase in muscle mass. While this supplement is not a magic solution for building muscle (you still have to eat right and hit the gym), it can seriously help with developing more muscle mass faster.

One result of this supplement that many people who take it love is improved overall mood and reduced irritability. Low mood and irritability are two of the telltale signs of low testosterone levels, which is all the more reason to start boosting them right away. You may also experience an improvement in your cognitive functions, making your mind sharper than ever before.

Prime Male can also help your overall cardiovascular health by controlling blood pressure. Those who have slightly elevated blood pressure or want to keep their BP under control will definitely want to think about taking this supplement on a regular basis.

Where to Buy Prime Male

You can only purchase Prime Male on their official website, which ships to people all over the world. Those who purchase this supplement from the company’s website will be able to take advantage of their 90-day money-back guarantee, so you can get a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with the results. This is a fairly risk-free purchase, so you really don’t have much to worry about at all. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase Prime Male on Amazon, Vitamin Shoppe or any other major retailers.

Prime Male Side Effects

There is no documented or reported side-effect associated with Prime Male. Because this supplement is comprised entirely of natural ingredients, it is highly unlikely that anyone who takes it would experience adverse side-effects of any kind.

Prime Male Before and After

You will find that there is lots of encouraging before and after stories from those who have actually purchased and used Prime Male before. If you are interested in boosting your testosterone level, you will definitely want to make a point of reading as many of these stories as possible.

A man named Jerry S. From Chicago, Illinois, had tremendous luck with Prime Male. He used to have problems with getting hard in the bedroom and enjoying sex with his wife, but all of that changed when he started taking this natural supplement. After taking this supplement for only a couple of weeks, he started noticing a huge difference in his ability to maintain rock solid erections. Jerry also started developing more muscle mass faster than ever before.

Harry P from Cincinnati, Ohio, is another success story that you will definitely want to know about. For years he struggled with his weight, and nothing he did seemed to help with shedding any pounds. After a month of taking Prime Male, he started noticing weight loss results like he had never seen before. It didn’t take long for him to lose an impressive 50 pounds, taking him all the way down to his goal weight. He is just one of the many people who have benefited tremendously from this natural testosterone-boosting supplement.

Eric T from Rhode Island had problems with low testosterone for quite a while, but he was able to get his levels back up by taking Prime Male for only three weeks. He reported that he felt like he had a lot more energy on a daily basis, which benefited him and his wife in the bedroom. The results he got from this supplement were a big surprise, but he couldn’t have been happier about how things turned out for him.

Jeff H from Detroit, Michigan, used to have trouble with performing in the bedroom. He couldn’t seem to maintain a very solid erection for any significant length of time. But after taking Prime Male for just a couple of weeks, his sex life completely turned around in the best possible way.

Prime Male Price

A 3 month supply of Prime Male costs only $207. There is also a 90-day money-back guarantee, so you will be able to get a full refund if you aren’t totally satisfied with it. You can get more detailed pricing information on the official website.

Prime Male Testimonials

There is a number of Prime Male testimonials that you will want to check out before making a final decision on this supplement. You will find that these testimonials are from real people who have actually taken this supplement and have gotten real results.

A lot of the Prime Male testimonials talk about how this product has really helped them with losing weight and getting in shape by boosting their testosterone levels. Many people have experienced tremendous results with regards to getting fit and dropping excess weight faster than ever before.

Some of these testimonials also talk about how Prime Male has helped them to improve the overall quality of their sex lives. A lot of customers say that this natural supplement has helped them to achieve more solid erections and a higher libido, which can be a common problem with older people.

Many Prime Male testimonials are also based around how effective this product is when it comes to increasing energy a person’s energy levels, which can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to going to the gym. There are even a number of celebrities who have given testimonials as to how effective this product really is, including Dolph Lundgren, a famous Hollywood action movie star.

While it’s true that a lot of the testimonials that are given on this supplement are from older men who suffer from erectile dysfunction and similar issue, people of all ages have benefited from it as well. There are many young people who talk about how this supplement has completely changed their lives for the better. Some of the people who write these testimonials talk about how Prime Male has revitalized them completely, giving them the energy they once had when they were younger.

It is crucial that you take the time to read through some of these testimonials so you can determine whether or not this product is right for you. Chances are you will find that Prime Male has quite a lot to offer you overall.


Prime Male is a great natural supplement that you can use to boost your testosterone levels to get more energy and become a total stud in the bedroom. If you have struggled with losing weight and getting in shape in the past, this supplement will most likely help you out a lot. There are tons of different supplements that say they do what this one does, but none of them come even close. One of the big differences between this supplement and all the others is that it can actually deliver on the promises it makes, and there are plenty of people who can attest to that.


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