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PaleoValley Beef Sticks Review

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There are plenty of ways of getting protein and beef on the go, for example, you can use beef jerky or beef sticks, which are some of the best ways of getting your beef needs without actually cooking anything. However, not everyone is able to eat commercial beef jerky. The meat used is often low quality and it is not grass fed. This is problematic for people who follow certain diets, namely the paleo diet (if you do not know what this is, then we will explain it later). So, for those people, there is an alternative and they are called Paleo Beef Sticks. These beef sticks are advertised as being made from 100% grass fed beef which sets them apart from most commercial beef jerky and beef sticks. But, how do these particular beef sticks stack up? In this review, we are going to look at what sets these beef sticks apart from other beef sticks, what the benefits of these beef sticks are, who should buy them, some of the ingredients used in the beef sticks, and where the best place to buy them is.

What sets these beef sticks apart from its competitors?

So, your first question will probably be “what sets these Paleovalley Beef Sticks apart from naturally produced beef sticks?” Well, for starters, the Paleo beef sticks are specifically meant to be compatible with the paleo diet (you probably could tell this from the name). The paleo diet is a diet specifically meant to cut out modern, processed foods. The idea behind the diet is that our bodies react best to the natural food that our ancestors ate. In fact, the reason it is called the paleo diet is because the diet restricts you to eating the sort of food that our paleolithic ancestors would have eaten (so meat, berries, nuts, etc.). So, because the beef sticks are meant to be compatible with the paleo diet it means that the beef used in the sticks is completely grass fed with no added unnatural preservatives. Whereas commercial beef jerky and beef sticks are loaded with unnatural preservatives (which makes the incompatible with something like the paleo diet), these beef sticks are filled with only all-natural ingredients. It should be noted, however, that just because the Paleo Beef Sticks only use all-natural ingredients, that does not mean that they expire quickly. In fact, the Paleo Beef Sticks can last for months.

What are the benefits of Paleo Beef Sticks?

Because of their use of all-natural ingredients, there are quite a few benefits to eating Paleo Beef Sticks. We are going to cover these benefits in this section. A lot of these benefits are due to the fact that the makers of Paleo Beef Sticks choose grass fed beef over more traditional wheat fed beef. Grass fed beef is noted to have numerous advantages over traditional wheat fed beef.

Higher level of omega-3 fatty acids

You have likely heard of omega-3 fatty acids before, but if you have not, then all you need to know is that they are extremely healthy for you. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in all sorts of different kinds of foods, most notably in fish. Now, usually red meat is not a great source of omega-3s, but because the beef is grass fed, the omega-3 content of the beef is a lot higher. So, what are some of the benefits of consuming more omega-3s? Well, for starters, it has been shown that omega-3s can be helpful in fighting off both anxiety and depression. Another major benefit of omega-3s is that they reduce your chance of developing heart disease. Omega-3s raise your HDL cholesterol levels, which helps keep your LDL cholesterol levels low (LDL cholesterol is the bad kind of cholesterol and is the one responsible for causing heart attacks and strokes). Omega-3s also play a very crucial role in keeping your brain healthy.

Much higher levels of conjugated linoleic acids

Conjugated linoleic acids are acids that are found in red meats and poultry. They are found in much higher levels in grass fed beef. Grass fed beef can have anywhere from 3 to 5 times more conjugated linoleic acids when compared with regular beef. So, why are conjugated linoleic acids good for you? Well, the main benefit of conjugated linoleic acids is that they can drastically reduce your risk of getting cancer. As this article notes, even small amounts of conjugated linoleic acids can help lower your risk of getting cancer.

Higher vitamin content

Another huge benefit of Paleo Beef Sticks is that they have a much higher vitamin content than other beef sticks or beef jerky. Specifically, Paleo Beef Sticks have much higher amounts of vitamin A, vitamin E, and Vitamin B. Vitamin a is useful because it helps keep various parts of your body healthy. For example, vitamin A helps keep your eyes in good health and working properly. Vitamin A is also crucial for your body’s immune system, which helps you fight off disease and infection. Finally, vitamin A is also crucial for keeping your body’s skin healthy. Vitamin E is also very beneficial. Vitamin E has antioxidant properties, which means that it removes free radicals from your body (free radicals are essentially bad cells that damage your body). Vitamin E also helps keep your circulatory system working in tip-top-shape. Paleo Beef Sticks’ high vitamin B content will be of value to any athlete, weightlifter, or exercise enthusiast. The reason why is that vitamin B is a crucial part of energy production, so getting more vitamin B in your diet means that you will have more energy. Of course, this is not even mentioning all the various other vitamins found within Paleo Beef Sticks.

Lower cholesterol and fat levels

Whenever it comes to meat, you always have to pay attention to whether the meat is cholesterol friendly and how much fat is in it. Sure, if you only plan on eating meat every once and a while, then you do not have to worry too much about that. But, if you plan on consistently eating meat, then you need to monitor things like cholesterol and fat content. One of the good things about Paleo Beef Sticks is that they contain less fat and less cholesterol boosting acids than regular beef sticks or beef jerky. This is due to Paleo Beef Sticks’ decision to use grass fed beef. As you can see from this study, grass fed beef has both lower amounts of fat and lower amounts of cholesterol raising acids than regular wheat fed beef. This study also confirms that in general, grass fed beef is just a lot healthier than wheat fed beef.

Who should get it?

Now that we have covered some of the benefits of Paleo Beef Sticks, let’s discuss who would actually benefit from buying them.

The most obvious group are those following a paleo diet. The sticks are designed to help those following the paleo diet get their daily protein requirement, without being forced to actually sit down and cook a paleo compatible dish.

But, it is not just those on the paleo diet who will enjoy Paleo Beef Sticks. For example, anyone out there who loves beef jerky, beef sticks, or any type of beef snack, will probably love Paleo Beef Sticks. They are easy to eat and taste great. Plus, they are much healthier and more nutrient rich than regular beef jerky or beef sticks. Much like regular beef sticks or beef jerky, Paleo Beef Sticks come in a variety of flavors, including regular, summer sausage, garlic summer sausage, and jalapeno.

And finally, the Paleo Beef Sticks will be useful for anyone who wants a delicious, protein rich snack without having to go to the trouble of actually preparing a meal.

Ingredients used in the beef sticks

So, in this section, we are going to talk about some of the ingredients used in the beef sticks. Now, this is not meant to be a comprehensive list of every ingredient used in the making of the beef sticks. Furthermore, be aware that the ingredient list may vary a bit since some different ingredients are used in each of the 4 different flavors; the ingredients we talk about are from the regular variety. In particular, we want to highlight 2 ingredients that are used in the beef sticks that actually have significant health benefits.

Organic black pepper

Black pepper, in addition to being a great way to flavor your food, is also very healthy for you. Black pepper can actually aid in digestion and make it easier for your body to breakdown food. It also aids in weight loss. Black pepper is a natural thermogenic, which means that it increases your metabolic rate, which increases the rate at which you burn fat. Black pepper also contains chemicals which aid your body in breaking down fat cells.

Garlic powder

Garlic is another one of those ingredients that, while it is primarily included as a flavor enhancer, actually carries a lot of health benefits. For starters, garlic can actually help kill bacteria in your mouth, which can help prevent infections. Garlic also has benefits for your circulatory system. It can lower your cholesterol levels and reduce your risk of developing heart disease. There is also some evidence suggesting that it can be used to help lower your risk of developing cancer.

Where to buy them from

So, if after reading this you are now interested in buying some Paleovalley Beef Sticks, you may be wondering where you can get them. Well, by the far best option is to go directly to the manufacturer’s website. This allows you to take advantage of the multiple offers that are on their website. For example, if you place a big order, then you can take advantage of their free shipping. Likewise, if you do not like what you ordered, you can send it back and get a complete refund. You would lose out on these offers if you bought them from anywhere else.


So, if you are in the market for a healthy, delicious, and nutritious snack that is compatible with the paleo diet, then consider picking up a box of Paleo Beef Sticks. Even if you are not on the paleo diet, you will likely still enjoy them.

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