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Masszymes Review

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Pretty much everyone out there knows that the key to building muscle consuming protein. If you look up guides or tips for how to build muscle quickly, one of the main pieces of advice that you will see repeated over and over again is “eat more protein.” Protein is responsible for helping your muscles repair themselves quicker, which means that you can build muscle quicker. What a lot of people do not know is that their body does not necessarily absorb all the protein that they ingest. Meaning they have to consume more protein than they normally should. This is due to a lack of protein absorbing enzymes in your body. The solution to this is Masszymes; a product made by the good people at Bioptimizers. The idea behind the product is that it gives your body the enzymes that it needs to properly absorb protein (among other things, but we will discuss that later). But, should you actually bother purchasing Masszymes? In this review, we are going to look at how Masszymes works, who should buy it, what some potential side effects are, and where the best place to buy it is.

How do Masszymes work?

So, you may be wondering exactly how Masszymes work? Well, the answer is going to require a bit of explanation first.  Protein is difficult for the body to break down. It also does not help that much of the food that people eat to give them protein tends to be very difficult to break down as well (for example, a steak is much harder to digest than some light veggies). If you ask any athlete or weight trainer about their protein rich diet, pretty much everyone will tell you that it does take a lot out of their body to sustain a protein rich diet. The body uses enzymes to break down all food that enters the body and it uses enzymes to properly absorb the nutrients from that food. However, because it is so difficult for your body to break down and absorb protein from foods, a lot of protein goes unabsorbed and simply exits your body as waste. Your body simply cannot produce enough enzymes to keep up. So, that is where Masszymes comes in to play. Masszymes contains a lot of enzymes that your body would otherwise produce naturally. By taking Masszymes regularly, you supplement your body’s already existing stocks of enzymes and make it easier for your body to breakdown and absorb protein. If you want solid proof of how it works, the makers of Masszymes posted a very interesting video on their website showing Masszymes in action. For those who cannot watch the video, it shows a person cutting up a steak and putting three, similarly sized pieces in glasses of water. 2 of the glasses are then filled with the same enzymes used in Masszymes, while the other glass is left empty. Over the course of the video, you watch real time, as the meat is broken down by the enzymes in the water. Meanwhile, the piece of steak in the regular glass of water remains perfectly intact. We would really encourage you to watch the video yourself, as simply describing it does not do it justice. It really is a great argument in favor of the power of the enzyme formula they used in Masszymes.

But, of course, you cannot just take Masszymes every once and a while, you need to take them on a consistent basis for them to work. There are essentially 3 schedules you need to follow for the Masszymes to work properly. There is a schedule for the first 30 days, then there is a schedule to follow until you reach 90 days, and then finally there is a schedule you follow from then on. For the first 30 days, you will be taking a lot of enzymes per day, upwards of 20. They need to be spaced out. For example, you should be having around 4 or 5 capsules when you wake up, having a few more before breakfast, then having a few more before each other meal, before finally having a few before bed. After the first 30 days, your body’s enzyme count will be higher and you can start slowly cutting down on the number of tablets you take each day. Finally, after 90 days, you can cut down the number of tablets that you take even further. You should never stop taking the pills because this could result in the enzymes in your digestive system becoming unbalanced again. But, you can cut down on the number of capsules that you take each day. The goal behind this is to introduce the enzymes into your body artificially because the body just does not produce enough of the enzymes naturally.

Other Benefits of Masszymes

One of the best things about Masszymes is that they do more than just help your break down and absorb protein better, the enzymes that are introduced into your body also have some other benefits and we are going to talk about them here.

Increased rate of amino acid absorption

In addition to increasing the rate at which your body absorbs protein, Masszymes also increases the rate at which your body absorbs amino acids. The actual numbers vary, but in all cases, the increase is substantial. For example, Masszymes increases the rate at which you absorb one type of amino acid by close to 50%. It increases the rate at which you absorb another type of amino acid by close to 70%. As you can see, although the actual numbers may vary depending on the type of amino acid, the increase is very substantial for all kinds of amino acid. So, what do amino acids actually do for you and why is absorbing more good for you? Well, amino acids make it easier for your body to burn fat. Amino acids also make it easier for your body to maintain its muscle mass. It also makes exercising easier.

Increased energy rate

The new enzymes in your body can actually increase your energy levels. The manufacturer’s website promises that your energy levels will go up by at least 18%. Now, that is a bit high, but you will notice that you are more energetic than usual. This is especially noticeable in the mornings when your body tends to be pretty sluggish.

Who should get Masszymes?

There are 2 types of people who would most benefit from taking Masszymes. The first group would be anybody who eats a protein rich diet. So, this group includes athletes, weight trainers, people trying to build muscle, etc. Basically, if you eat a lot of protein, then you can benefit from taking Masszymes. The other group that would really benefit from taking Masszymes would be those people who suffer from diseases that mess with their enzyme levels. People who suffer from things like Crohn’s Disease often have issues with their digestive enzymes. There are a bunch of other diseases that can also interfere with a person’s digestive enzymes. For people unlucky enough to suffer from these diseases, Masszyme may be a good solution.

What are the side effects?

As with most things, there are some side effects that you need to be informed about. For starters, it is possible that you may be allergic to some of the enzymes used in Masszymes. If you notice any of the traditional allergy symptoms (itchiness, swelling, irritated eyes, etc.) when taking Masszymes, stop immediately and consult with a doctor to find out if your allergic reaction is being caused by the enzymes. Allergic reactions to Masszymes are relatively rare, but they have been known to happen and it is always better to be safe than sorry. Outside of allergic reactions, people may find that Masszymes can cause stomach issues like nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. Again, this is rare, but it is still something that you should be aware of.

Where to buy Masszymes?

So, if after reading this review, you are suddenly interested in giving Masszymes a try, you may be wondering what the best place to buy them is. After all, they are not sold in stores, so you have to turn to online retailers. But it then becomes a question of which online retailer. While you can choose to buy from any retailer that you want, it is recommended that you go directly to the source to buy Masszymes. The manufacturer of Masszymes, Bioptimizers, maintains their own store that you can buy all their products from. There are a couple of reasons why it is best to purchase directly from their website, as opposed to any other online retailer. For starters, the product likely will not be for everyone. Some people may get their order of Masszymes, get a few days into it, only to realize that they do not like it, either because they find that it is not working for them or that they cannot deal with taking so many capsules in a single day. Well, if you buy from the website, then you can take advantage of their very generous 60-day money back guarantee. That means that if you do not like Masszymes, you can get your money back with no questions asked. Like we just said, this is product will not be for everyone, so it is nice to have the option of getting your money back. Another good reason to buy from the official website is that they have other products on the website that may be of interest to you. If you do decide to buy another product that they sell, you can get all your products in one shipment. One final reason to purchase directly from the website is that presumably, you want to directly support the people who actually make Masszymes. The only way to ensure that they get all the money from your purchase is by buying Masszymes directly from Bioptimizers’ website.


So, if you find that you are struggling to get the amount of protein that your body needs, consider consulting your doctor and giving Masszymes a try. If you do not like it, then you can simply get your money back, so there is no reason not to at least give it a try.

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