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The Benefits of Male Enhancement Supplements

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Pretty much every man has seen at least one ad for male enhancement pills. Sometimes these ads play on television (usually accompanied by very awkward advertisements with old couples) other times you may see the ads on the internet, where they are a very popular item for online advertisers. Male enhancement pills have always been advertised in places like muscle or fitness magazine or any other piece of media directed at males. It is no surprise why either. Let’s face it, men are self-conscious about a lot of things, one of which is the size of our penis. So, it is only natural that men who feel inadequate about their penis size will look for ways of enlarging their penis. Now, pills are not the only way of increasing penis size. You will often see advertisements for things like penis pumps, penis stretchers, lotions, surgeries, and even exercises which claim that they can enlarge your penis. In this article, we will be focusing solely on male enhancement pills. There is a lot of misinformation out there on the web about penis enhancement pills; so, in this article we will take an in-depth look at male enhancement pills; we will look at whether they work, what some common ingredients are, the various types of male enhancement pills, and the pros and cons of male enhancement pills.

Do they Work?

So, let’s look at whether male enhancement pills actually work. The first question you will probably have is “do male enhancement pills actually increase the size of your penis?” The answer, unfortunately, is no. There is no pill yet discovered that can actually cause your penis to grow. If you are a male who has reached the age of maturity, then your penis is not going to grow larger through non-surgical means. A lot of people advertise male enhancement pills that claim that they can increase your penis size by 2-3 inches, but that is just flat out lies.

But, that does not mean that male enhancement pills are useless, in fact, they can be very helpful for some men. So, if male enhancement pills do not help you actually increase the size of your penis, what are they useful for? Well, male enhancement pills can increase the quality of your erections, by making them harder and last longer. It can help increase your sex driv, so that you have a greater desire to have sex and have more energy during sex. If you are only concerned solely about penis size, then you are missing the mark. Contrary to what you may hear, penis size is not the only thing women are attracted to and it is more than possible to have a great sex life without a bigger sized penis. Male enhancement pills can help you improve your sex life, even if they do not actually increase the size of your penis.

Now, you are probably familiar with brand name male enhancement pills; after all, who has not heard of Viagra and Cialis? But, a lot of people do not like taking these name brand male enhancement pills because of the large list of side effects that accompanies every name brand male enhancement pill. So, for those types of people, all-natural male enhancement pills are a good alternative as they contain natural ingredients which improve the sex drive, without the huge list of negative side effects.

Common Ingredients Found in Male Enhancement supplements

Here is a list of some common ingredients that you will see almost any male enhancement pill. Now, obviously we cannot cover every possible ingredient nor can we account for every brand of male enhancement pill, which may decide to put their own unique list of ingredients into their pill. Still, this list should give you a rough, but still useful look into the various ingredients used in male enhancement pills and what exactly those ingredients actually do.


Bioperine is a natural ingredient extracted from the black pepper fruit. Now, bioperine does absolutely nothing to increase the sex drive, increase the intensity of erections, or increase the length of erections. So, you may be wondering why it is used in male enhancement pills if it does nothing to help improve the libido or increase the quality of erections; well, bioperine helps the body absorb other nutrients. By including bioperine, male enhancement pills increase your body’s ability to absorb the other nutrients in the pill and make the pill more effective already.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is also commonly referred to as simply ginkgo or it can be referred to as the maidenhair tree. As you can probably guess, the maidenhair tree is a type of tree found in China. The leaves of the maidenhair tree have a long history in Chinese medicine and culture. They have long been used to do things like fight the memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s disease. The leaves have also been used to fight things like headaches, memory loss, dizziness, and poor blood flow. So, how exactly does Ginkgo biloba help your sex life? Well, the Ginkgo biloba has two effects that make it useful in male enhancement pills. First off, the leaves can help reverse the negative side effects of some anti-depressants. If you have ever taken anti-depressants yourself or know someone who has, then you are probably aware that anti-depressants can kill the sex drive of some men. So, Ginkgo biloba extract can help reserve that effect and repair the sex drive of men taking anti-depressants. Secondly, Ginkgo biloba increases the blood flow throughout the body; this makes it easier to get and maintain an erection.

Epimedium Leaf

Epimedium is a species of flower that is native to several Asian countries (including China) and a few countries around the Mediterranean region. It has a wide variety of colorful names including barrenwort, fairy wings, bishop’s hat, and horny goat weed (which given the subject matter, might be the most appropriate name of all). In China, the plant is known by the name ying yang huo and it has long been used as a medicinal supplement in Chinese medicine. It sort of acts as a form of Chinese Viagra, in fact, it is so popular in China as a supplement to treat erectile dysfunction, that the plants are being threatened with extinction. So, why is this particular plant leaf so useful that it is used in male enhancement pills? Well, there are a couple of reasons. Firstly, Epimedium leaf contains something called icariin. Now, most people probably do not know what that does, but it is crucially important. Icariin is responsible for inhibiting an enzyme known as phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE 5). This enzyme is responsible for lowering blood flow to the penis. So, by inhibiting PDE 5, Icariin helps keep blood flowing to the penis, which keeps your erection lasting longer and keeps your sex drive going longer. Icariin is much like another popular PDE 5 inhibitor called sildenafil, which you probably know by its more famous name “Viagra.”


This is an amino acid that, much like every other ingredient we have mentioned so far, has a history of being used to treat other conditions. In the case of L-Arginine, it has been used to fight chronic heart issues like cardiovascular disease. But, L-Arginine also has some benefits that are useful for those looking to improve their sex life. Namely, L-Arginine is useful when it comes to increasing blood flow to the penis. See, when your body ingests L-Arginine it gets transformed into Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide is a chemical that signals to your brain that it needs to relax the blood vessels. When the blood vessels are relaxed, blood is able to flow easier. This makes it easier for you to get an erection. But, that is not all it does. Nitric Oxide also helps stimulate an erection, meaning you will get a better erection and will be able to more easily maintain the erection.


Pretty much everyone has heard of the health benefits of ginseng. Ginseng has long been used in Chinese medicine to treat a wide variety of illnesses from the common cold to cancer. And while it is not always effective at treating every disease that it is used on, it has certainly proven that it does have health benefits. Ginseng acts much like L-Arginine in that it both increase blood flow and increases the body’s synthesis of nitric oxide. So, much like L-Arginine, ginseng can make it easier for you to get an erection and then maintain it. Now, there are many types of ginseng, but the one most commonly used in male enhancement pills is Korean Red Ginseng. Ginseng also has another benefit, namely the fact that it increases your stamina. This makes it easier to have sex multiple times or to make a session last longer.

Velvet Bean

Velvet bean, also known as mucuna pruriens, is a plant that can be found in parts of Africa and the tropical parts of Asia. Funnily enough, the most famous thing about this plant is not its sexual benefits, but its use in itching powder. Still, the plant has some really positive effects when it comes to improving sexual performance. Velvet bean encourages your body to release dopamine, which makes ejaculation more difficult, thus prolonging sex. It also makes erections last longer. Finally, the dopamine helps your body recover faster after sex, meaning you can get back at it quicker.

We could keep going with all the different ingredients that you might encounter, but this list should give you a good snapshot of the kind of ingredients used in male enhancement pills.

Types of Male Enhancement Supplements

When it comes to male enhancement pills, you can divide them into roughly two kinds. The first kind is the name brand, prescription pills. The other kind is all natural supplements, which seek to avoid the ingredients used in the name brands. The main difference between the two is side effects. The name brand, prescription male enhancement pills tend to come with a host of nasty side effects that a lot of men would rather just avoid. For example, just looking at the side effects of some name brand male enhancement pills, you will see that they can cause minor issues like headaches, stomach pain, and plugged nose. They can also cause more serious issues like diarrhea, nausea, and even memory loss. So, to avoid these nasty side effects, some people prefer to go with all natural supplements which make use of the ingredients we described in our ingredient list. Also, because all natural supplements only use natural ingredients, they do not need to be prescribed by a doctor and can thus be sold over-the-counter or online; which makes them a bit easier and a bit cheaper to acquire as well.

Pros and Cons of Male Enhancement Supplements

The pros to using male enhancement pills are probably pretty obvious. They will increase the intensity and duration of your erections. So, if you are the type who unfortunately ends up finishing a bit earlier than you or your partner would like, then a male enhancement pill can help you last a bit longer. Also, many of these male enhancement pills help boost your stamina, which makes it possible to not only go longer but to also have more intense sessions. Likewise, a big issue some men have is that they have to wait a long time after an orgasm before they can go again. A lot of male enhancement pills will help you recover quicker and thus reduce the time between orgasm and the next session. Finally, if you struggle to get an erection, either because of chronic erectile dysfunction or some other issue (like intense stress) then you can use male enhancement pills to make getting an erection easier.

They do have some drawbacks, however. First off, they can be pretty pricey. Even natural supplements, which are less expensive than prescription pills, are still somewhat pricey. This problem gets even worse when you consider that you might have to buy multiple bottles of these male enhancement pills if your sex troubles continue. Also, because of these many male enhancement pills affect blood flow, it is generally not a good idea to take them if you have heart issues or if you are taking medication that affects your blood flow. Also, because all natural male enhancement pills are not regulated in the same way that prescription pills are, there are a lot of scammers out there who sell pills that simply do not work. You will need to take extra precautions to avoid being ripped off.


So, let’s sum up two important points from this article. If you are looking for a way to actually physically increase your penis size, then pills are not the way to go. You are going to either need surgery or some penis stretchers. But, that does not mean that male enhancement pills are not useful. They can help combat a wide variety of issues like erection problems, stamina problems, etc. As we said at the beginning of the article, penis size is not the only thing matters. If you have a disappointing sex life, then somehow adding a few inches to your penis is not going to help, but some male enhancement pills just might.

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