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5 Amazing Benefits of Wheatgrass

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Wheatgrass is one of the quintessential health foods out there. In fact, when you think of health foods, you probably think of wheatgrass. Wheatgrass represents everything people think of when they think of healthy foods. It tastes awful, it looks unappetizing, but it is extremely healthy for you. Despite being a relatively famous health food, not every person knows about wheatgrass, and of those who do know about it, not everyone knows why it is considered healthy. That is the purpose of this article, we are going to introduce wheatgrass and explain 5 of the amazing benefits that you get when you consume wheatgrass. By the end of this article, you will see why so many people around the world consume this food, even though it does not taste good in the slightest.

What is Wheatgrass?

The first thing we want to cover is what wheatgrass actually is. At first glance, you may think that wheatgrass is some plant that you have never seen or heard of before, but you would be wrong. Believe it or not, wheatgrass is actually just wheat. That’s right, wheatgrass is the same plant that you see in fields all over the country. The reason wheatgrass looks so different from the wheat that you are used to seeing is because wheatgrass is just the unmatured version of wheat.

Wheatgrass is usually consumed in one of 2 ways. Some people will drink wheatgrass juice. Wheatgrass juice is a good way of getting the benefits of wheatgrass, but it does nothing to hide the taste of it, which leads people to go to the other option instead, wheatgrass powder. Wheatgrass powder must be mixed into something, which sounds like a hassle, but you have to remember that by mixing it into something, that you can hide the taste. By putting wheatgrass powder into a shake or a smoothie, you can get all the benefits of wheatgrass, without actually having to taste it.

The Benefits of Wheatgrass

So, now that we all understand what wheatgrass is and how it is usually consumed, we can move onto the main point of the article, which is exploring the various benefits of wheatgrass. Now, you can write an entire book about the amazing benefits of this plant, but we are going to narrow it down to just 5 benefits. But, trust us when we say that there are literally dozens upon dozens of benefits associated with wheatgrass consumption. Plus, more benefits are discovered all the time as more research is carried out on the plant.

It’s a good source of fiber

Many countries, including America, have issues with their population not getting enough of their daily fiber intake. This article found that around 40% of people under 18 were not even getting close to their daily fiber intake. Likewise, it found that over 40% of people over the age of 18 were not meeting their daily fiber requirements. This is a huge issue because getting your daily recommended amount of fiber is essential. Sure, getting your daily amount of fiber helps keep your bowels healthy, but fiber does much more than just that. Getting your daily recommended amount of fiber helps keep your digestive system healthy. It also helps keep your blood pressure in check. It helps you keep your weight under control. And finally, getting your daily recommended amount of fiber helps lower your cholesterol levels. If you are interested in getting more info on the benefits of fiber, then you can read this article. Getting your daily recommended fiber intake can be difficult because not everyone likes to eat a lot of whole grain bread or bran products. However, with wheatgrass juice or wheatgrass powder, getting your daily recommended intake of fiber is simple.

It’s a Source of protein

Typically, when you think of things that are good sources of protein, you think of red meat, poultry, etc., but vegetables can be good sources of protein as well. Spinach, kale, and other green vegetables actually do have protein in them. Wheatgrass is no exception to this. It contains a small amount of protein in it (around 1 gram per 28 grams). Now, wheatgrass does not have enough protein in it to completely replace other sources of protein, but it can act as a nice supplement. Plus, as an added benefit, wheatgrass is low in calories. A big issue with a lot of traditional sources of protein is that they are high in things like calories, fat, and cholesterol. Wheatgrass is low in all of those things, making it a great way of getting protein without ingesting too much or too many calories.

It is full of vitamins

Humans need a certain number of essential vitamins to live. Vitamin A, vitamin c, etc., are all necessary for our bodies to function. Unfortunately, a lot of people are deficient in basic vitamins, which causes health issues. One of the major benefits of foods like wheatgrass is that it so full of vitamins that can it help you overcome potential vitamin deficiencies. Wheatgrass contains large amounts of vitamins A, B, C, E, and K. These are all very important vitamins. For example, vitamin B helps give you energy, while vitamin C is responsible for helping to keep your body tissue repaired.  

It is full of minerals

Much like vitamins, your body also needs minerals. Your body needs iron, calcium, and other minerals like that to keep itself working properly. For example, iron is necessary for the circulatory system to work properly. A lack of iron can result in a person developing a certain type of anemia. Likewise, a lack of calcium can result in bone related issue like osteoporosis. Vegetables, specifically wheatgrass, can be great sources of minerals like iron and calcium. Wheatgrass is chocked full of various kinds of minerals. Wheatgrass is a good source of iron, calcium, zinc, copper, iodine, magnesium, and a whole host of other minerals. Usually, people who are deficient in these minerals have to take supplements to deal with deficiencies. But, by ingesting wheatgrass, you can get a good amount of all these minerals at once instead of having to take a supplement for each one.

It has antioxidants

A lot of healthy foods are often said to be full of “antioxidants.” Now, you hear that word a lot, but not everyone knows what it means. Well, antioxidants are things that help your body get rid of what are called “free radicals.” Free radicals are harmful chemicals that appear in your body either naturally or unnaturally. These chemicals are created when your body does stuff like digest food, but they can also get into your body through things like cigarette smoke. Antioxidants help neutralize these free radicals before they cause any serious damage to your body. So, essentially, antioxidants help to cleanse your body of harmful elements. But, antioxidants do more than just cleanse your body of free radicals, they also help keep the various systems in your body strong. For example, consuming antioxidants can help make your immune system stronger. Wheatgrass is one of the best sources of antioxidants out there alongside blueberries.


These are just 5 of the many benefits of wheatgrass. There are many more benefits to be had, but listing them all would be pointless. By now, you probably understand that wheatgrass is extremely healthy for you and that it should be incorporated into your diet. Thankfully, wheatgrass can be found easily at any health food store.

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