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Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Beer

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There is quite a bit of scientific data to suggest that drinking beer can actually be very beneficial for one’s overall health. If you already enjoy drinking beer, you will definitely want to take the time to look into some of the health benefits that are closely associated with it. While it may be true that beer isn’t completely healthy in every way, there are still quite a few benefits to explore.

Lowering your Chances of Getting Kidney Stones

One of the somewhat strange but true health benefits of beer is that it can actually help you avoid getting kidney stones, which are known for being extremely painful. If you want to avoid kidney stones altogether, it is highly recommended that you keep on drinking beer (in moderation anyway.) Alcohol consumption increases the body’s ability to excrete calcium, so it is therefore effective at preventing kidney stones.

Protecting your Heart

Another big health benefit of drinking beer involves the heart. Studies have shown that consuming beer on a regular or semi-regular basis can actually help prevent heart attacks. It is incredibly important that you protect your heart muscle, and drinking beer is just one way to do so. A fairly recent study from the University of Scranton concluded that beer can actually help with preventing heart-related issues later on in life.

Offsetting Alzheimer’s Disease

There is also evidence that drinking beer can help prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease, which is the most common form of dementia. One study revealed that regular drinkers were nearly 25% less likely to develop this degenerative neurological disease. It is the high amount of silicon that is found in most beer that can potentially shield the brain from the effects of consuming too much aluminium. While there is certainly no guarantee that drinking beer will prevent this condition, it is worth keeping in mind.

You will be less likely to Develop Diabetes

It may sound kind of crazy, but there is a good chance that drinking beer could help prevent you from developing type 2 diabetes. The alcohol found in beer raises your sensitivity to insulin, so you are therefore far less likely to become diabetic. Participants involved in a 2012 study were found to be 30% less likely to develop this type of diabetes, as they had at least two beers on a regular basis.

It has Lots of Nutrients

Believe it or not, beer actually has a ton of nutrients that are great for the body as a whole. While a majority of beer consists solely of water, there are also small amounts of iron, potassium, zinc, copper, fluoride, magnesium, sodium and other things our bodies need to stay healthy. The exact nutrients and amounts depend on the ingredients of the beer, but it definitely has a lot of things that we need to function.

It can be good for your Bones

Studies have found that beer can also be good for bone health. There was one study involving a few dozen participants that revealed that those who drink beer in moderation could be 40% less likely to develop osteoporosis throughout their lifetimes. It is incredibly important to preserve the integrity of your bones, and drinking beer can actually help with that in a big way. The silicon found in most beer is responsible for these potential health benefits.

Keeping your Cholesterol Down

If you want to manage your cholesterol as effectively as possible, you will find that drinking beer could help you do just that. A study done in 2015 involving 70,000 healthy moderate drinkers showed that drinking beer can lower unhealthy cholesterol levels in the long term. It was determined that while drinking in moderation can have a positive effect on one’s cholesterol, heavy drinking has the opposite effect.

Increasing Brain Function

There is quite a bit of scientific data to suggest that drinking beer in moderation can significantly reduce your risk of memory issues as you get older by up to 25%. It is important to keep in mind that this benefit comes from drinking beer in moderation as opposed to drinking heavily on a regular basis. Beer can increase a person’s ability to focus and therefore remember things more easily.

Lessened Risk of Stroke

Numerous studies into beer in the U.S. have concluded that moderate drinkers have a 45% decreased chance of having a stroke later on in life when compared to those who don’t drink beer at all. This regular drinking can effectively prevent blood clots from forming, which prevent blood from getting to the heart and brain. Blood clots are the sole cause of ischemic strokes, and they can be deadly. This means that drinking beer in moderation on a regular basis can put you at a significantly decreased chance of stroke as you get older.

Decreased Chance of Developing Prostate Cancer

There is a chance that drinking beer in moderation could prevent prostate cancer. Because most beer has xanthohumol (a potent antioxidant) in it, there is a distinct possibility that it can help prevent certain types of cancers.

Overall, beer can actually be quite healthy and nutritious when it is consumed in moderation. While it’s true that drinking too much of this alcoholic beverage can be very unhealthy, just the right amount is potentially beneficial in a number of ways. Those who drink beer regularly will want to keep these things in mind.

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