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What Are The Main Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction is an issue that unfortunately plagues a lot of men. According to the Cleveland Clinic, slightly over 50% of American men will experience erectile dysfunction. Even more concerning is the fact that 40% of those who suffer from erectile dysfunction are under the age of 40. We often think of erectile dysfunction as an issue that exclusively affects older men, but the truth of the matter is that a variety of factors cause erectile dysfunction, many of which can cause erectile dysfunction to appear in otherwise healthy young men. So, to help illustrate the issues surrounding erectile dysfunction, in this article we are going to go over some of the main causes of erectile dysfunction. We should also note that we are focusing on things that cause long-term erectile dysfunction. Use of drugs and alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction, but the dysfunction will only be temporarily and the man’s libido will go back to normal very quickly.

What you Need to Know about the Process of Getting an Erection

Before delving into the main causes of erectile dysfunction, we want to just quickly make sure that everyone understands that the process of getting an erection is a relatively complex thing. It may seem simple, but getting and maintaining an erection requires various parts of your body to work in sync. Your brain needs to be able to sense arousal and send out the necessary signals to the rest of your body. Your heart needs to be able to redirect more blood to your penis. Your arteries and blood cells need to be able to handle the extra blood flow efficiently. This is why it so difficult for doctors to diagnose the causes of erectile dysfunction because if ever one small issue is plaguing your body, it can throw off all these systems and cause you to have trouble getting an erection.

Main Causes of Erectile Dysfunction


The brain is actually an extremely important sexual organ. When a man gets aroused, the brain is responsible for creating feelings of arousal and making the rest of the body respond accordingly. So, it should come as no surprise that one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction is something that interferes with the way that your brain normally operates. Depression interferes with your brain’s ability to send signals to the rest of the body, this results in your brain not being able to direct your body to send more blood to the penis. In a study published in the American Family Physician, experts found that 70% of people who have depression and who do not take medication for it suffer from problems with their libido.

As you can see from this study, untreated depression can be a cause of erectile dysfunction. It does not just have to be major depression either. Even people who suffer from relatively minor depression can have issues with their libido. In the case of men, issues with their libido are likely going to manifest itself as erectile dysfunction.

You will also notice that from the study, that only 70% of people with untreated depression report sexual issues. This makes it a bit difficult to determine whether depression is the true cause of a man’s erectile dysfunction. This because some men will suffer from depression and yet not experience erectile dysfunction (they will experience other symptoms, however). So, even if a man suffers from depression, it can be difficult to determine if the depression is the primary cause of the erectile dysfunction.


A wide variety of medications can lead to a man developing erectile dysfunction. As you can probably guess, this is due to the fact that medications can interfere with the way the various parts of your body operate. Britain’s National Health Service has a page dedicated to the various causes of erectile dysfunction, as you can see, a wide variety of medications can result in erectile dysfunction. These include pretty common medications, such as antidepressants, blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication, and much more. Basically, any medication that affects the circulatory system or the brain can potentially result in erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, if medication is the source of erectile dysfunction, then it can often be difficult to remedy the problem. You can sometimes switch to alternative medications, but other times, there is no alternative education, meaning the man has to find other ways of potentially increasing their libido. It is important to note that you should never stop taking prescription medication simply because it is causing erectile dysfunction issues.

Excessive stress

In much the same way that depression can interfere with the normal function of your brain, stress can also interfere with your brain’s normal functions. Excessive stress is bad for people, it can cause weight gain, it can lead to mental breakdowns, and in the case of men, it can lead to erectile dysfunction issues. Basically, when a man is suffering from extreme amounts of stress, they are unable to focus properly on sex, which leads to the brain not being able to sustain an erection properly. Much like with depression, stress does not affect every man in the same way. Some men can be extremely stressed out and not suffer any real side effects. Other men will suffer negative side effects as a result of stress.

Being overweight

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone and it is crucial for helping your body to get and maintain erections. So, things that decrease your testosterone levels can result in erectile dysfunction. One of the main things that lowers a man’s testosterone levels is putting on weight. Overweight men have lower testosterone levels than men at a healthy weight. Likewise, overweight men tend to exercise much less than skinny men, which further compounds the testosterone issue. Thankfully, remedying this problem is rather simple. Studies have shown that when overweight men start exercising and shedding pounds that their testosterone levels improve massively. When a man’s testosterone levels improve and get back to around normal, they will likely see their erectile dysfunctions disappear. Of course, there are a bunch of other health benefits associated with losing weight, so solving the erectile dysfunction issue is really just a bonus.

Heart and circulatory system issues

In order to get and maintain an erection, you have to ensure that there is sufficient blood flow to your penis. So, it should come as no surprise that any issues that impact your heart (which pumps the blood) or that impact your circulatory system (which transports blood all over your body) can result in erectile dysfunction issues. In particular, issues like high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes can result in erectile dysfunction because they interfere with the normal way that your circulatory system operates.

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