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VigRX Plus Review

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vigrx plus

(Updated Oct. 15, 2017)


It is a bit taboo to talk about it openly, but many men do in fact suffer from varying forms of erectile dysfunction. The severity of the dysfunction depends on a variety of factors, but it does not change the fact that many men do suffer from at least mild forms of erectile dysfunction. In fact, a recent study by The Cleveland Clinic showed that over half of American men will experience erectile dysfunction in their lifetime. This is an absolutely huge number who will suffer from this issue. So, given the high number of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, it should be no surprise that men turn towards various male enhancement pills to get their sex life back on track. One example of these pills is VigRX, a male enhancement pill that is sold online. It has accumulated a number of reviews and has plenty of positive feedback, but how good is it really? We are going to look at what the pills do, what ingredients are in them, what their side effects are, and where the best place to buy them is. Click here to find out more information on VIGRX Plus

How Does it Work?

Most male enhancement pills tend to be filled with chemical ingredients, which impact neurotransmitters (for those who do not know what these are, neurotransmitters are essentially chemical messengers which impact how your brain works) in your brain, which in turn results in an increased libido and increased erection length. The problem with this is that a lot of people do not like the chemical ingredients that are in many mainstream male enhancement pills. A lot of these chemical ingredients carry with them serious side effects. For example, just take a look at the list of side effects found in Viagra. There are minor side effects like a clogged nose, headaches, and redness. But, there are also more serious side effects, such as nausea, diarrhea, memory issues, dizziness, and many other seriously problematic side effects. So, given the wide list of side effects, it is no surprise many men are uncomfortable taking Viagra and other similar male enhancement pills to deal with their libido issues.

The makers of VigRX recognize this problem, which is why they created an all-natural male enhancement pill. VigRX works by combining the power of various all-natural ingredients, many of which are taken from very common plants, into one powerful supplement. In fact, many of the ingredients have a proven track record of their own and many are used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine to deal with libido issues and erectile dysfunction. We will cover the ingredients in more depth in our “ingredients section,” but to give you an idea of the sort of ingredients they use, two ingredients they use are red ginseng and saw palmetto berry extract. So, these various natural ingredients all combined together to accomplish a few things.

A Stronger Sex Drive

One of the main things that VigRX does for you is that it increases your natural sex drive. The various ingredients in the supplements work to make your sex drive more powerful. As men get older, most of them start to experience a massive drop in their libido. The body starts to slow production of the chemicals and neurotransmitters that are responsible for maintaining a strong, healthy libido. So, the ingredients inside VigRX work to help stimulate the production of those neurotransmitters and chemicals, which leads to a natural increase in your libido.

Longer and Better Erections

Many men have issues getting or maintain satisfactory erections. This is not just a problem for older men either (although men over 40 also greatly suffer from issues with erections). In fact, large percentages of men under 40 also experience issues with things like premature ejaculation and unsatisfactory erections. Much of this is due to issues with blood flow, which can arise due to things like drug abuse, poor diet, high cholesterol, etc.  Anyways, the ingredients in the supplements will help stimulate your body’s blood flow, specifically towards the genitals, which will make it easier for your body to actually get an erection and to maintain it.

Higher Quality Orgasms

As you age, the quality of your orgasms decreases rapidly. As you can see from this article, a big part of the reason why orgasm quality decreases as you age is that you ejaculate less, which makes the orgasm worse. A big part of a healthy, pleasurable orgasm is the actual sensation of ejaculating. But since older men and men with erectile dysfunction issues ejaculate less, the whole sensation is less pleasurable. VigRX works to restore the quality of your orgasms so that they are as pleasurable as they once were.

More sexual desire

People who have been with the same partner for long periods of time can struggle to maintain their sexual desire towards that person. Sure, there are plenty of examples of married couples who have been together for 10 or 15 years who are still as attracted towards each other as when they first met, but for many couples, the spark dies out after many years of marriage and living together. Now, that does not mean that the couples do not love each other, it just means that it is harder to generate the same level of excitement towards your partner after many years. Well, this supplement helps couples put the spark back into their marriage or long-term relationship. For men, this supplement will increase their desire towards their partner. Your sex life may not get back to its original quality, but it will certainly improve.

The supplements aim to achieve all the above while keeping side effects to a minimum. This is what sets VigRX apart from something like Viagra or Cialis. Sure, both Viagra and Cialis can do the exact same things as VigRX, but they are going to be filled with chemical ingredients and negative side effects.

Ingredients Found Within

So, now that we have covered what the supplements do and how they go about doing it, let’s discuss the ingredients found within the supplement that allows it to do what it does above. We are going to go through some of the ingredients and give you a brief description about the ingredient itself and why it is included in the supplement. It will not encompass every ingredient found in the supplement, but it will give you a very good idea of just how powerful the supplement is. For a full list of ingredients click here

Epimedium Leaf Extract

The Epimedium plant is a species of plant found primarily in China, but it can also be found in small quantities in various other places in East Asia and in the Mediterranean area. It has a number of colorful nicknames, including barrenwort, fairy’s wings, and most appropriately of all, horny goat weed. Like many of the other ingredients that you will read about in this section, Epimedium leaf extract has a long history in traditional Chinese medicine, where has long been used to treat erectile dysfunction. Now, you may be dismissive of traditional medicine and herb extracts, and with some good reason, since a lot of traditional medicine is just plain useless, but you would be wrong to dismiss Epimedium leaf extract because it is used in traditional medicine. Scientific study after scientific study has confirmed that Epimedium is a useful way of combatting erectile dysfunction. For example, this study looked at what would happen if you gave rats suffering from nerve damage (which interferes with their ability to get an erection) concentrated Epimedium leaf extract. As you can see for yourself, the study shows that rats experienced significant improvement after being given Epimedium leaf extract over a 4-week period. But, that study is on rats, you are likely more interested in what happens when given to humans. The results are still very positive when the extract is tested on humans. This study compiles various studies on different kinds of plant extracts and their ability to treat erectile issues. As you can see in section 10.5, they looked at various studies that gave Epimedium leaf extract to humans. The studies showed that men who took Epimedium leaf extract for around 4 weeks experienced significant improvement with regards to their erectile function.

So, now you may be wondering why that it is. What is it about this leaf extract that makes it able to treat erectile dysfunction? Well, the answer is a bit complicated and has multiple parts; it also involves a lot of very scientific terms, so it may be a bit confusing at first, but it will make sense eventually. For starters, Epimedium leaf extract contains what is called icariin, which is a naturally occurring chemical compound. Icariin is what we called a PDE5 inhibitor. PDE5 is essentially an enzyme that regulates how much blood your body sends to a certain area. So, this enzyme is essentially responsible for sending the blood away from your penis, which causes any erection you have to slowly disappear. Now, a PDE5 inhibitor prevents this enzyme from moving blood away from your penis, which means you can maintain your erection. Icariin is not the only PDE5 inhibitor out there, but it is the only one that naturally occurs in nature. Other PDE5 inhibitors, like sildenafil (which is marketed under the name Viagra) and tadalafil (which is marketed under the name Cialis) are not naturally occurring, but rather synthesized.

But we are not done with Epimedium leaf extract just yet. See, it is also responsible for boosting the body’s production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a chemical compound that is produced naturally by the body. It is produced whenever your body is active, and the reason for this is because it helps expand your blood vessels, which increases your blood flow. So, by increasing your body’s production of nitric oxide, icariin helps increase blood flow to the penis, which in turn means that it is easier to get an erection and to maintain it. This is a big reason why things like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and smoking are all linked to erectile dysfunction because they decrease your body’s natural production of nitric oxide.

Saw palmetto extract

Saw palmetto is a small plant that grows in the Southeastern parts of the United States (so Georgia, South and North Carolina, Florida, etc.) It produces berries, the extract of which is included in this supplement. Now, when compared with Epimedium leaf extract, which has numerous, well-documented benefits for erectile dysfunction, saw palmetto extract has less scientific backing. It has been used by Native Americans to treat issues with their urinary tracts and their prostates, but it was only just recently that scientists began to explore the possibilities of using saw palmetto extract to combat erectile dysfunction. As you can see, this study was done in 2012 and represents one of the first real studies done on the possibility of using saw palmetto extract to treat erectile issues, in addition to the prostate issues that it is usually used for. The study involved taking men with erectile issues and giving them saw palmetto extract. After a period of time, they were asked certain questions and their answers showcase how effective the extract was. Over 60% reported that they experienced an improvement in their ability to get and maintain an erection. Over 50% reported that they experienced improvements in their sex drive and in their ability to ejaculate. Finally, over 40% reported that they were able to finally get an erection that was firm enough to be used to have sexual intercourse. Now, this is just one singular study and should not be taken as if it is the Gospel. But, it does signal that there is tremendous power in saw palmetto extract and that it has potential as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Red ginseng

Almost everyone knows what ginseng is, it is the famous plant found all over Asia and in parts of North America. In Chinese medicine, the various kinds of ginseng are used to treat pretty much every condition and disease under the sun. So, it should be no surprise that it is also used to treat erectile issues. The type of ginseng used in VigRX is specifically the species of ginseng known as Korean Red Ginseng. Because ginseng is used to treat so many conditions, you may be rightly skeptical of its abilities. But, some studies have shown that it is effective at treating erectile issues. This 2012 study gave Korean Red Ginseng to a group of close to 80 men, all of who ranged from 25 years old to 50 years old. The men were divided into two groups, one group took a placebo daily and the other took Korean Red Ginseng daily. After 12 weeks, the men in the placebo group reported that they had experienced very little improvement. On the other hand, some 60% of the men in the group receiving Korean Red Ginseng reported that they had better erection quality. These results are backed up by another study, which also confirms the usefulness of Korean Red Ginseng for treating erectile issues.


Bioperine is an ingredient that is prominently featured on the supplement’s box. Displayed in big letters at the bottom, the box clearly says that the supplement now contains “Bioperine.” But, what is this ingredient and what does it do? Bioperine is an alkaloid that comes from the black pepper plant. It is what is responsible for giving black pepper its distinctive smell and strong taste. So, why is it included in VigRX? Well, Bioperine does not actually do anything to help with erectile dysfunction itself. Instead, what it does is help your body increase its absorption of the other ingredients in the supplement. So, it in effect work like an ingredient enhancer and it is responsible for making the ingredients in the supplement more effective. A study was done on VigRX and noted that initially, VigRX required very high doses to be effective. The creators of VigRX thus started looking for ingredients that would allow people to take less of the supplement, while still getting the same effects from all the ingredients. For this reason, they added Bioperine, which increases your body’s absorption of the other ingredients, which means that you can take less of the supplement and still get the positive effects of it.

Side Effects

One of the best things about VigRX is its relative lack of side effects. If you remember when we listed the side effects of Viagra, then you will remember that they were quite long and quite serious. Viagra can give you headaches, diarrhea, it can cause dizziness, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Well, VigRX, because it is made with all-natural ingredients, has pretty much no side effects. In fact, this study that we linked in the section above, the researchers gave rats huge doses of the VigRX and still found no negative side effects. When it comes to VixRX, the only note of caution is that those on heart medication or medication that impacts the blood should be careful. Talk to a doctor before taking the supplement.

Where to Buy

Although you can find VigRX floating around various stores, by the far the best place to buy it is on the official store website. Not only can you take advantage deals they may be running, but you can also be sure that you are getting the official VigRX product. Believe it or not, VigRX actually has a major issue with people counterfeiting their pills or selling imitators that are not as good. By buying from the official website, you know that you are getting the real VigRX supplement.


We know that it can be difficult to live with erectile dysfunction issues. While we can’t guarantee that this supplement will work for everyone, it certainly has the potential to help a lot of men out there who are suffering erectile issues. 

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