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Privacy Policy’s Privacy Policy applies to all aspects of the website, and it exists for the expressed purpose of defining exactly how information is collected from its users.


We may collect web browser “cookies” for the purpose of improving our website for the sole benefit of its users. These cookies provide us with essential details with regards to the browsing habits of our users, allowing us to track and analyze certain information that can help us create a more user-friendly site. All users may go into their web browsers and disable cookies for our website. It is important to keep in mind that doing so could result in problems with using certain aspects of the website.

How we keep your information secure

We have strict procedures and guidelines when it comes to keeping the information we collect on you as secure as possible so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. The security measures we take are designed to keep user information, including usernames, passwords and other details, private and secure at all times. We also follow all the necessary procedures for getting rid of user information we no longer need.

‘No Sharing’ Policy

One important aspect of our privacy policy involves not sharing, selling, or trading the information we gather on our users to any individuals or companies. While we may share certain user details with other people within our business, we never give any of it to outsiders. The only people we share user information with are those we trust completely.

Methods of Collection

You will find that we use a number of different methods to go about collecting information from users, including basic “cookies” as well as our email newsletter. Some of the details we collect on users of our site include email addresses, usernames, passwords, phone numbers, mailing addresses, and other details.

Third Party Websites

We have absolutely no control over the content that is on websites our users visit as a result of clicking a link on our site. This includes all licensors, suppliers, advertisers, and all other third parties. We take absolutely no responsibility for what users may encounter on these third party websites, and they visit them at their own risk. Many of these third party websites have their own set of rules and procedures when it comes to privacy and collection of user information.

How we Use the Information we Collect

The information that we collect from those who use our website is used primarily for the purpose of improving user experience. We analyze the data that we collect to figure out how we can go about improving this website so as to create a more positive overall experience for those who use it.

We also use the information we collect from users to create a customized experience that is unique to certain types of users. The more we understand about our users, the more effectively we can tailor our website to their needs.

The quality of the customer service we provide to our users is extremely important, and we use information we collect to keep improving it as much as possible. The information our users provide us with helps us to answer their questions and concerns in a much more efficient manner.

We sometimes use the email addresses provided to us by users to respond to questions and other things. Users who choose to sign up for our mailing list will receive a number of different things, including news about the website, product or service details, and much more. Users who are a part of our mailing list can choose to unsubscribe at any time to stop receiving emails from us.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The details within this privacy policy are subject to change at our complete discretion. It is important for those who do use this website to occasionally check back here to make sure that nothing has changed. It is the complete responsibility of the user to read through this privacy policy.

Acceptance of the Privacy Policy

Those who use this site essentially agree everything laid out in this policy as well as the terms of service. If any user does not fully agree with these terms, they should avoid using this site altogether.

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