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Test RX

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Can Test Rx Really Restore Youthful Testosterone Naturally And With Little Or No Side Effects?

As men age one thing is true; testosterone levels begin to dwindle to almost nothing as you approach middle age. The trend continues in a downward spiral until lower testosterone levels begin to impact your health.

Lower testosterone levels are serious problem because as men age, the reduction in male hormone levels can lead to a variety of serious health concerns such as:

  • Body Fat increases beyond normal levels.
  • Reduced muscle mass and loss of stamina.
  • Fragile bones and sore muscles.
  • Loss of body hair and skin disorders.
  • Hot flashes, dizziness and increased fatigue.
  • Issues controlling cholesterol in your body.
  • Change in sleep patterns.
  • Reduced mental focus.
  • Depression / mental health issues.
  • Sexual dysfunction /erectile dysfunction.
  • Makes almost any chronic illness worse.

If all of this wasn’t bad enough, additional reductions in testosterone can be caused by common ailments that most people are suffering from today such as, obesity, diabetes, hormonal disorders, infections, medications, cancer and other chronic medical conditions such as liver and kidney disease.

So What Is Considered To Be Low Testosterone Levels?

All of these issues contribute to low testosterone, which in men is 300 ng/dL (or lower) as the low range and the upper normal limit which is approximately 1200 ng/dL.

Only a blood test with a qualified lab and a physician to interpret these results can determine if you truly suffer from low testosterone.

If you are over 30 years of age and are beginning to experience symptoms like the ones listed above, it is reasonable to assume that you are suffering from lower testosterone levels.

How Many Men Suffer From Low Testosterone?

Recent research has demonstrated that as many as one out of four men is currently suffering from low testosterone. Of the other men that were tested, most scored just slightly above the lower range which means essentially 50% of men over the age of 30 should consider some type of testosterone supplementation.

What Professionals Are Saying About Lower Testosterone

“Some say it’s just a part of aging, but that’s a misconception,” says Jason Hedges, MD, PhD, a urologist at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland.

Jason goes on to explain that a gradual decline in testosterone is essentially cumulative over time and that when combined with other types of disorders, toxins and poor eating habits, can essentially magnify the side effects of ongoing and dwindling testosterone levels.

Most doctors when polled almost unanimously believe that testosterone supplementation, if done correctly with high quality ingredients, can truly benefit men at restoring their testosterone levels.

What About Test RX – How Does It Work?

Test RX is manufactured by a company called Leading Edge. The company has a solid reputation of producing high-quality nutraceutical-based products that benefit men (and women too).

Test RX works by boosting your body’s production of testosterone. Eight vitamins and herbal extracts are used in the proprietary blend which works almost immediately to provide additional energy and stamina and over time to gradually increase your testosterone levels.

You will begin to experience more energy for workouts, faster repair of muscle fibers, which will make your exercise more efficient and more productive.

If you happen to be a pro athlete or weightlifter, you will see a dip in cortisol levels because increased testosterone limits the hormone which breaks down and prevents additional gains in muscle mass and strength.

The product is 100% all-natural and essentially a blend of vitamins and herbs which naturally jump starts and continues testosterone production in your body.

Test RX is much better than using steroids for muscle gains because you are simply allowing your body to create the testosterone that you need actually. It’s a great alternative to using any type of steroidal injection and has virtually no side effects.

You must also stay away from synthetic testosterone products because there are some rather nasty side effects which can include skin issues, irregular heartbeat, nausea, diarrhea, dysphoria, disorientation, cancer, diabetes etc.

Who Makes Test Rx Again?

Leading Edge, founded in 1999, currently makes a wide variety of dietary supplements for both men and women. Every product they make is a combination of vitamins, minerals and herbal formulations.

The supplements are created by top medical professionals and the company is highly respected because of their board of advisors are recognized to be some of the top medical professionals in the world.

In addition, Leading Edge only produces products that have been approved by their board of medical advisors and are done so using good Manufacturing processes (GMP) which few other supplement companies can say. This ensures that whatever the bottle says it contains is exactly what you will be receiving when you make a purchase.

Very few other supplement companies ever follow good Manufacturing practices because they will often use fillers and reduced amounts of important ingredients so that they can make more money for selling less quality product.

What Are The Ingredients Of Test RX?

It is important to note that in the principle formulation of this product is vitamin D3, a rather difficult vitamin to obtain actually what is one of the most essential vitamins for promoting a powerful and strong physique as well as overall health. This essential vitamin is missing with people that suffer from low testosterone levels.

In addition the following other ingredients are included:

Ashwagandha– This ingredient is going to naturally boost energy and help fight depression and insomnia.

Tribulus Terrestris – This ingredient boosts testosterone naturally by up to 50% You will also see an increase in red blood cell counts.

Fenugreek – This ancient and well respected urban not only boost energy but is been clinically proven to boost testosterone levels.

Eurycoma Longifolia – Also known as Tongkat Ali, the urban heralds from Malaysia and is another natural testosterone booster, in some studies as high as 40% when taken daily. The herbs also said to reduce anger and tension which is common in men when testosterone levels are rising.

Agaricus Bisporus – This herb is fabulous for boosting your immune system to maximum efficiency which also will increase your overall health and wellness.

Tribulus Alatus Extract – This fascinating herb is part of a family of related herbs that have been shown to boost testosterone naturally.

Brassica Campestris – this extract is a principal ingredient forward to seeing inflammation, a common cause of low testosterone and/or chronic disease. You also be protecting your prostate and promoting prostate health.

As you can see the ingredients, herbal extracts and vitamin mixture is 100% natural and all of the elements work together synergistically to increase your overall health, naturally raise your testosterone levels, naturally boost energy levels and protect your body from the ravages of low testosterone. 

Are There Any Side Effects Of Text RX?

As with any natural nutraceutical-based mixture, the side effects tend to be minimal but herbs are also potent medicine and should not be taken without serious consideration to your current health as well as any pharmacological interactions with prescription drugs that you might be taking.

While currently there are little or no complaints about Test RX, it is important to talk to your physician about nonsense that I can natural testosterone supplementation using Test RX.

Final Thoughts

Test Rx is manufactured by a well respected company, with extremely high quality ingredients many of which can immediately begin to benefit your health and wellness.

The product can naturally help any man to increase testosterone production, will enhance your sex life and sex drive, your mood will improve, energy levels will increase and finally the product is among one of the more affordable testosterone replacement products, without all the dangerous side effects.

Yes, finally men have a product, Test RX, which really can restore youthful testosterone levels naturally, so why not give it a try today and let me know your results!


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