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Hair Loss Explained: Why Do Men Go Bald?

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There is no surer sign that a man is getting older than when their hair starts to thin out. Sure, you occasionally run into men who go bald prematurely, but for the vast majority of us, when we see someone balding, it tells us that that particular man is getting up there in years. But, have you ever stopped and wondered why men go bald? More specifically, have you ever wondered why age seems to cause men to go bald? Have you ever wondered why some men go bald prematurely? These questions that a lot of people do not know the answer to. If you ask your average person why men go bald, they would probably just shrug their shoulders and say: “it just happens.” But, the explanation behind why men go bald is actually quite simple. In this article, we are going to explain the 3 factors that determine why men go bald.

How does Hair Growth Work?

Before going into why men go bald, it is useful to first explain how hair growth works because a lot of people do not know how hair growth works. When hair grows, it goes through 3 stages. The first stage, called the anagen phase, is the longest of the 3. During this stage, your hair actively grows. The second stage, called the catagen phase, is when your hair stops growing and gets disconnected from the blood supply to prevent it from growing more. Finally, the last phase, known as the telogen phase, is when your hair starts to die out. Once the hair has died, it will fall out. Now, this is completely normal. Everybody loses hair. In fact, most people lose on average 100 strands of hair per day. It is just that the hair is so small, that you do not notice it.

Why Men go Bald

There is actually a medical term for natural hair loss. The term “androgenic alopecia” is the medical term used for natural hair loss. There are roughly 3 factors that go into determining whether a man will go bald or not. Those 3 factors are age, genetics, and hormones. We are going to discuss each of these 3 factors.


So, let’s start with the most well-known factor, age. As you get older, your hair growth cycle starts to change. Whereas as when you were young, your hair follicles all went through the growth cycle we described above, as you get older that more and more of your hair follicles start to essentially die off. Instead of going through all 3 stages, your hair follicles will start to become “stuck” in the last stage, the telogen phase. In the telogen phase, the hair follicles are disconnected from the blood supply, meaning no hair can grow. As more and more of your hair follicles become stuck in this stage, you start to lose more and more hair. This is why you do not just wake up one night and have no hair. Balding is a gradual process because it takes time for each of your hair follicles to complete the growth cycle and get stuck in the last stage.

Age is a sort of universal factor when it comes to balding. Both men and women lose hair as they age, but men tend to be far more affected than women for reasons that will be discussed shortly.

Now, you may be wondering, if age is what causes baldness, then why does everyone not go bald? Well, the answer to this is because there are other factors involved. Genetics and hormone levels both play important roles in determining how much hair a man loses as they age.


Now, let’s move on to the next factor, genetics. Growing up, you may have heard that because some of the men in your family (uncles, fathers, grandfathers, etc.) were bald, you too will go bald. There is a lot wrong with that idea, but it is true that genetics does play a role in determining whether a man goes bald or not. For starters, the genetics on your mother’s side can help you determine your likelihood of going bald. We want to be absolutely clear when we say that just because your grandfather or your uncle on your mother’s side went bald does not mean that you are guaranteed to go bald as well. But, if you look at the men on your mother’s side of your family and notice that a lot of the men went bald, then you know that you are likely genetically predisposed to going bald. Another factor to consider is race. Up to 80% of all white men will go bald to some degree. On the other hand, people of Japanese or Chinese descent are far less likely to end up going bald.


Finally, let’s talk about the last factor that can contribute to baldness, hormone levels. Certain hormones help your hair grow and certain hormones cause you to lose hair. The main culprit is a hormone known as DHT (dihydrotestosterone). This hormone, which is created naturally by your body, is responsible for helping to thin out your hair. As men get older, their bodies start to produce more of this hormone, which leads to accelerated hair loss. Now, everyone’s bodies are different, and some men’s bodies will produce more of the hormone and others will produce less. It is also worth noting that DHT is responsible for a lot of what we associate with getting old. DHT makes it easier for you to put on weight. It makes your body hair grow faster and longer.

Other extreme factors

So far, we have covered the main reasons why most men will go bald. However, there are certain extreme factors that can lead to someone going bald. For example, someone suffering from extreme stress may experience premature baldness. Likewise, people suffering from hunger or dehydration may start to lose their hair. And of course, as most of you probably already know, chemotherapy can result in hair loss because the radiation kills the hair follicles.

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