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Is your digestive system working like it should or have you been experiencing some problems that you find hard to deal with? If so, you’ve probably already looked into a lot of products (there’s a great deal of digestive supplements available). We decided to take time to do some research of our own in order to find a good product that will help with digestive issues.  During this time, we found one product that really stood out from the crowd and that was Digestech by Onnit. The one issue we had was the advertising blurb that stated “one of the most powerful digestive enzyme combination on the market today.” Those type of blurbs always seem too hyped up to us, making it sound too much like a gimmick – is this product over-hyped or does it live up to its expectations? You’re not going to believe what we discovered …

How Does it Work?

DigesTech is a safe and natural solution to those annoying digestion issues. This solution is made up of numerous digestive enzymes along with other ingredients that are known for easing digestive issues such as discomfort and bloating.

Many have also claimed that DigesTech lends a helping hand with the breakdown of food and increases the absorption of nutrients. When you have poor nutrient absorption, it can lead to numerous ailments, such as anemia, osteoporosis, dry eyes, acne, and poor energy. So, by taking DigesTech as instructed, you will decrease your risks of developing such ailments and at the same time, it will help increase your energy levels.

DigesTech has special enzymes that aim at helping digesting food from all five of the major categories – protein, dairy, fats, fiber and carbs.   Enzymes play an important role when it comes to breaking down the food you consume. The breakdown is what leads to the body absorbing the nutrients that are in your food and it all starts at your mouth, as soon as the food enters. Salivary amylase divides long-chain carbs into smaller sugars.  Once those sugars have made their way to the stomach, the acidic environment will help emulsify those sugars. From there, the sugars are broken down further by the gastric acids that is in the stomach. Once these sugars have been broken down, they can be absorbed.

Amylase just so happens to be one of the main ingredients in DigesTech, so we can definitely see how it would help with nutrition absorption and the breakdown of food.  This product can help with a large array of digestive failures, with the most common one being lactose intolerance. Another problem DigesTech can help with would be digestive discomfort and inflammation – this is due to the fennel seeds and ginger root.


While we’re on the topic of the ingredients in this product, let’s take a closer look and find out what really makes this supplement tick …

Fennel Seed – As we mentioned above this supplement contains fennel seed.  Fennel seed is rich in a large array of minerals, like magnesium. These seeds offer fast relief from various digestive disorders.

Pepsin – This ingredient is there in order to help the body transform proteins into polypeptides.

Ginger Roots – This is an ingredient that dates all the way back to 3000 BC. This can help improve digestive fluids, reduce nausea and help eliminate stomach cramps and heartburn.

Protease – This is an ingredient that helps with digesting waste, such as toxins.

Amylase – This is the enzyme that is responsible for breaking down starch into simple sugars.

Cellulase – This is needed in order for the body to properly break down plant matter. The human body doesn’t naturally produce an enzyme for this, so this is definitely a helpful ingredient.

Lipase – This is the enzyme that is responsible for breaking down fats that your body isn’t able to absorb because they’re too large.

Other ingredients include Lactase, Pectinase, Beta Glucanase, Hemicellulase, Glucoamylase, Maltase and Alpha Galactosidase.

Side Effects

DigesTech is an all-natural product and since it only uses naturally occurring ingredients and enzymes, at the time of writing this review, there are no documented side effects to report.  However, if you are pregnant or nursing, before you use this supplement, you should speak with your doctor.

Instead of looking at the side effects (there are none), we should be looking at the pros of using this supplement!

Improve Your Digestive System – When you take this supplement, it’s going to improve your digestive system. The better your system works, your chances of suffering from any form of digestive discomfort is going to decrease.

Increases Enzymes – DigesTech increases the digestive enzymes in your body. By doing this, it can help break down food. In return, you will feel more alert because the component parts of your body will be more readily available.

All Natural – This product is 100% all natural. When you take it, you can rest with the satisfaction of knowing that you’re not introducing something man-made to your body.

We understand, this product sounds good …a little too good, and yes, in the beginning, we thought it was just going to turn out to be another gimmick. However, after really buckling down and doing research, we discovered that it really does live up to its expectations. If you have been suffering from digestive issues for a long time now, you probably think you have already tried every product on the market and have now came to the conclusion that they are all the same – this product is nothing like the others. Instead of treating the problems alone, it digs down and gets under the root cause of the digestive problems.  To date, Onnit Pro DigesTech has helped a wide array of people – people that swore they would never try another supplement again.

Where to Buy

While there are many different places you can buy DigesTech from, we believe the safest bet would go straight to the Onnit site. By doing this, you can rest with the satisfaction that you are using the real thing. You see, if you purchase this product elsewhere, you could end up purchasing a knock-off, which could be dangerous. Besides, why wouldn’t you want to purchase it from the Onnit site? The site is easy to browse and you can order the product in no time at all (simply add it to your cart and take it from there)– the site also has some pretty useful information if you’d like to know more about the supplement.


We’re going to be honest with you – when we first heard about DigesTech by Onnit, we were a bit skeptical. This was mostly because of the marketing talk that was involved – we heard the same type of marketing talk elsewhere from companies that just didn’t live up to their expectations. However, with further research, we discovered that people were happy with this supplement and to us, that was a major surprise. We have come to the conclusion that this supplement works just as it says it does. People who have used it have even experienced elevated energy levels and the fact that there are no nasty side effects is a major advantage. Onnit’s product can help with indigestion, acid reflux and gastrointestinal inflammation and the fact that you can purchase it straight through the company’s site makes it even better.

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